Hello from Greater Manchester

hi im Stu! after months of deliberating, research, you tube etc I opted for a DJI Spark and made my first drone video and also my first time using Premier Pro.

now I’m just trying to find other places to fly and came across you guys!



does the Spark have all the different video settings? the picture looks brilliant.

I’ve never thought about flying over Pennington flash…its not even that far from me!

Welcome, @viraleye. Very good to have you with us. Congrats on your first video. Nice to have another Spark owner in the club. Don’t forget to add it to our ‘What do you fly?’ poll in the Drone Discussion category.

For places to fly just visit our rapidly-growing map of UK locations at Dronescene.co.uk and feel free to add your marker to it. The more the merrier!

hey! it has the usual iso, shutter speed but that’s as far as it goes really. just needs a bit of colour correction in post

Pennington is a lovely place to go and where I went I’d out of the way from the public too

Welcome to the Grey Arrows @viraleye :smiley:

And also, welcome to yet another North West member :rofl: I had no idea there were this many of us up here :slight_smile:

How are you finding the Spark in the wind? I’ve heard good reports so far :+1:

Thanks for sharing the video, please share more!

yes it certainly seems there’s a few up this way!

only had the spark out the once and all seems good at the moment. only thing that really lets it down is battery life really

Do you only have the one battery mate? Worth picking up a few more on eBay??

I got the fly more combo so got 2, but that’s a very maximum of 30 minutes flying, then add in take off and landing and it soon eats into flying time

Welcome to the forum @viraleye. Yet another North Westener and, may I presume, around the Wigan area?

You’ll learn a lot here - especially when the NW take over :+1::vulcan_salute::clap:

I’m Only about 20 minutes from Wigan

is this predominantly a NW group?

Not quite but the NW has a good proportion of members.