Hello from Hampshire

Hi, my names Glenn, introduced by PingSpike from the “other” Mavic forum.

Been flying drones a while, but recently treated myself to a Mavic Air, new macbook and final cut pro, now actively out and about. I’m interested in wildlife and landscape work, looking to go semi-pro.

I also used to work as an ecologist doing GIS work, so see some potential to do some detailed site mapping work on the side there. I also see some potential in the Pix4D type tools do provide 3D mapping services.

Look forward to joining the gang on here!


:wave::wave::wave: … from another part of Hampshire. … or even the same part. :wink:

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Could be :slight_smile: My Postcode starts…SOXX ?

Always happy to meet local and likeminded folk!

Wotcha @Longstride and welcome to Grey Arrows :+1:

Loving the hat, Glenn, looks great :smiley:

Pix4D are way ahead of the game aren’t they? I’ll be honest, 75% of their functionality is over my head, but it does look amazing.

Welcome once again :slight_smile:

Cheers PingSpike! Yeah I used them for some work a while back, great app, but rather pricey for the average Joe! I just love playing with the tech! Thanks for brining me into this community, you’ve done a great job on setting the site up! Its very slick, and the feeling is WAY more “cozy” than the other forums. I feel right at home here! Cheers all!

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