Hello from Irlam in Manchester

Hi, I’m Peter and waiting for my Xiaomi Mi 4K to arrive. I have 250 and 450 quad that I made myself.

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Welcome to the forum @Peter_S

Good set of people on here and lots of info to be had :+1:

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Thanks. Still trying to find places to fly in my area which is a Class D airspace. I’m hoping I understand correctly that staying under 400’ and 5km away from any airport means I am flying legally.

Hi Peter
I’m in bolton which isn’t to far away
Welcome to our madhouse pull up a chair and enjoy

Keep us informed when you get your new drone be interesting to learn about other drones and how the respond and film

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Welcome Peter
You are welcome to pop over the hill
Plenty of lovely places to fly over here in Sunny :sunglasses: Yorkshire

Thanks sparkman999, I’ll be receiving my Xiaomi in a couple of weeks and I’ll let you know when I do. Looking forward to meeting up and learning more about this hobby.

Hi mickydd, thanks for the invite. I’ll defini be in touch when my new quad turns up in the next couple of weeks. I’m still trying to learn where I can legally fly my quad. Any advice from a seasoned flyer would be welcome.

Welcome Peter @Peter_S to our little retreat “on the net” some of us call “Our Second Home” !.
Yeah, we joke, we banter between each other, we have “Local Meet Ups” on a regular basis which all adds fuel to our “Little Grey Matter” between our Lugs !.
Don’t be frightened to ask what may seem “Stupid” questions, we are all here to help the less experienced members on their route to a successful flight with what ever drone they may own.
Try and get along to one of the Local meets, with the Boys in your area (Jeff, Mick & Co).
Enjoy your time here at GADC !

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That sums up Mick and Chris :wink: @mickydd @chrisjohnbaker
As for where to fly let us know when you get it me and Mick will help you with any questions and help with your first tentative steps
And remember…your new hobby will need deep pockets :wink:


Deep!, mine go all the way down the inside of my trousers to my ankles !.


Thanks Mick and Chris. Will certainly let you know when it arrives and I’ll be back in touch.


Thanks Chris. I’ll search for the local meet ups and nip over.

Will be in touch, thanks.

Thanks ChrisJohnBaker. When my Xiaomi Mi turns up I’ll be getting in touch with the guys for a meet up. I love this hobby but am really worried about the Police snatching my quad because I’ve broken a rule I’m not aware of. All I can find is to fly below 400’ and away from people and buildings. Even so, I’ve just read about a Guy who had his quad seized when he thought he was flying legally.

Hi Peter,
Most flying in certain locations comes down to common sense.
If you go to wide open spaces, with few trees or buildings you are usually ok.
When you have access to the “Members Only” area (only available after a certain period of membership and activity on GADC).
You will see that I have created a “GADC Members Information Pack”
This has many documents that will help explain things that to you at the moment are no doubt being wary off.
It has many Documents that are handy to print off and carry with you, should you be confronted by anybody.
I strongly suggest that you get Public Liability Insurance, which will cover you, should you have any mishaps this is available from

It is £20 well spent in my opinion.
If I can be of any further help, please let me know.

Hi chrisjohnbaker,
Thank you for your post. I really appreciate the information provided and look forward to downloading your documents. I have already taken your advice and joined FPVUK and paid the £20.00 and am now insured. As soon as my Quadcopter arrives I’ll be in touch.
Many thanks and kind regards.