Hello from Keighley West Yorkshire

I have just joined the today after lurking for the past few days (weeks).

I started flying RC Helicopters back in 2011 and moved onto Drones (DJI P4) and FPV Mini Quads around 2016.
Currently I am interested in learning to fly Cinewhoops and what footage I can capture with them.

I would be interested to know if there are any clubs/ groups that regularly meet nearby?

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Hi Peter.

And welcome to the group.

I’m not too far from you, the other side of Bingley Moor over in Otley.

I think there is a RC Model Flying Club in the Keighley area but I couldn’t vouch how friendly they are to multirotors/drones. I’m a member of the North Leeds Flying Club and it’s taken me quite a few years to convince some of the members to come round to my way of thinking.

You could try talking to the guys at T9Hobbysport, located in Greengates behind the NHS Imaging Hospital, as they are the primary FrSky distributors and will have knowledge of multirotor specific groups in the area.

Unfortunately, unlike traditional RC Flying Clubs, multirotor/racing/drone clubs are not as established and tend to gather at random sites. I don’t use it myself but Facebook may have some regional groups.



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I were a member of the Keighley club. They do cater for all types of model flying including Multirotors. It is primarily a Model Airplane club though.

I’ll give the guys at T9Hobbysport a shout and see if they know of any groups.

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Hey, I am also fairly close by, down the road in Shipley. Literally just starting out in the world of flight, bought a 2nd hand Mavic Mini 2 days ago, so not had chance to fly it yet as it’s been too windy.

I’ve got a Mini as well. Great little drone.

The weather does seems to be either too wet or too windy lately :frowning: