Hello from Kettering

Hi all, just a quick hello from myself here in Kettering. Just started flying a magic pro but have flown a spark, phantom3 std(now my grandsons) a spark and a fc40. Only problem I have with flying is the time to do it (roll on retirement) and knowing where to go to fly.
Looking forward to hopefully doing more flying as time goes on.
Thanks all


Hi Richard, and welcome to GADC.

A 3 drone owner, too! :+1:

Thanks for adding yourself to the map, too! :+1:

As for where to fly … if you’ve not seen it … check out our map of places where members have flown:

Thanks for the info, yes just looking at it now.

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Welcome Richard your slap bang in the middle of everthing

Hello & Welcome Richard

Hello Richard, and a big welcome from another (multi) drone owner.
Great place to be for chat and advice.

Big welcome to you Richard


Welcome Richard.
Coming down to Kettering in a few weeks for a couple of nights. Might give you a shout for decent locations to fly if you find some.

Welcome Richard

Hi Rich, welcome nice to see someone who is just around the corner from me. I’m in Corby, I have 3 large fields that I fly from; you’re welcome to join in for a flight or two.

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Hi @Skyrunner1 and welcome to Grey Arrows :smiley:

Hi Buddy your not far from me im over at milton keynes… I was planning a trip here sometime…Rotherthorpe Locks, Could be a nice fly…

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Hi Richard
Welcome to the site, just north of my location

Hi Richard, welcome to GADC.

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