Hello from Littleborough

Greetings from Littleborough, just bought myself a mavic mini but not had a chance to fly outdoors yet (but windy)

Hi, I bought the same thing a couple of days ago, been out 2 evenings with it. Yesterday was a bit breezy up on top of the hill where I went but the little thing seemed to handle it just fine. There’s nothing to hit there anyway if it did get blown sideways, but it seems to hover in one place quite nicely. I’m not experienced enough to be near anything at the moment, but it’s really easy to fly. My problem is thinking I’ve flown it really far away from me and it starts to look really small but when I look at the screen it says it’s only like 30m away!

@Deep just noticed your avatar… this thread might be of interest :wink:

As you’re only down the road, give me a shout if you fancy a ride out sometime when all this has blown over :+1:t2:

Pretty sure the Mavic Mini will fit under my seat cowl :smiley:

Hi buddy sold the bike infirmary last year. But for sure it would have been good.

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Infirmary - unfortunatly damned auto correct.