Hello from Luton

Hi everyone,
Glad to join you in this wonderful group.
I am a newbie from Luton. Anyone here knows a god spot outside the restricted area where I can do my first flight without worrying about whether I’m allowed to take off from there or not.
I have done a search in many areas north and south of Luton. There are huge open green public spaces but all of them seem to have issues with drones.
I’d be grateful for your tips.

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Closest I could find ;o)

But seriously welcome to GADC

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Got me on that one. That will teach me to RTFQ :blush:


What are you flying? How about popping over towards Ivinghoe or checking out the Ridgeway?

Thanks milkmanchris.
Did you fly over there yourself? Any tips you can share?

I think he was pulling your leg over the typo :face_with_hand_over_mouth:


Thanks R0CKEYES,
I have a Mavic 2 Pro.
Did you yourself fly in Ivinghore or Ridgeway? Any particular spot?

Thank the heavens I thought I was going to have to explain my poor joke.

Anyway looking at it, I’d fly there lots of countryside around it too

I haven’t been over there for years (used to live up by the Airport). If I remember there was a car park near the beacon where the guys that fly gliders walk up to the top. However there is plenty of open spaces around there to explore. Also the canal is close. Have a poke around google earth and see.

Not too far is Nomansland common in Wheathampstead. From the carpark you used to be able to walk up and slightly right and that was an approved public area for model flying. On the other side of the road there is a nice small open area surround by trees.


if you can get out to pitstone you have the windmill , also i have been waiting to try the old quarry might be worth a look .

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Also near here is Heartwood Forest, which you’d get a great view of from Nomansland Common.

Happy flying!

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Wow. I used to live at the old nurseries at Downgreen lane on the common and never knew about Heartwood. Certainly remember the old Wicked lady pub. Maybe I should do a recce myself.

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Heartwood is relatively new - it was bought/formed by the Woodland Trust approximately 6-7 years ago, merging 3 old woods (including Langley Wood, with all the bluebells). It’s a beautiful spot. Truth be told, on a nice day, it’s a bit busy for serious drone flying, but approaching from Nomansland would be a good move.

Definitely worth a visit!

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Welcome Ben I’m in Stevenage not to far from you we may see each other out flying sometime

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Thank you so much R0CKEYES for all the tips. Much grateful.

That would be great. Thanks Scubadave63.

Megalol :joy::rofl::sweat_smile:

I’m also based in Leighton Buzzard, not Million miles away neither.

Welcome to this great club.

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Thanks Mind_the_gap.
Any other good spots for flying not far from Leighton Buzzard?

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I will say that a great place with plenty of space to fly around is this two:

Plenty more paces if you follow that map.

Let me know if you need more places.