Hello from Manchester


Afternoon all been a member for a while and just got around to introducing myself. I fly a Mavic pro but been grounded for a few weeks waiting for a circuit board to replace the one in my controller. It has just arrived just in time for the holidays just fitted and bound. Now I just need the weather to play ball for a test flight.


Hi Mark welcome
I’m in bolton and it’s looking good Tuesday Wednesday and Thursday


Hello and welcome @Midway


Hi Mark :wave:


Hi Mark / @Midway , and welcome to GADC!

If you haven’t already, take a look at the Map of Members which includes most active members - and you’ll be able to see who else is in your neck of the woods.

And please do add yourself to the map too map: Members’ Location Map - A Guide


Hi @Midway from sunny Wigan :wave:t2:


Sunny that’s a bit rich…


You’re right, it’s been pissing down the entire day here :cloud_with_rain:


Many thanks for the comments.

Pass through Wigan and Bolton all the time.


Welcome! Hope the weather hasn’t completely given you cabin fever yet, now that you are able to fly.