Hello from Norfolk (Gt Yarmouth)

Hi everyone. I’ve ust bought a DJI Mavic Air 2 as my first drone and can’t wait to use it! Any users in the Yarmouth area?


Hi and welcome to GADC, buying a drone and joining GADC, I’m sure there is a few locals to you but try and add yourself to the members map as that helps you find them. You can take a look at the where to fly section and don’t forget to make good use of the little search icon top right. It’s a great site full of fantastic , helpful and friendly members.
Enjoy the site and your drone.

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Welcome.If there’s something you not quite sure of give a shout out I’m sure there is somebody out there that will be able to help you enjoy it once again welcome to the club

@chrisjohnbaker is your man for all things Droning in Norfolk

Welcome to GADC.


Hi Adrian @Maccalen ,
And welcome from a local yokel here in Norwich.
We have several members here on GADC who are based in Norfolk and Suffolk.
My advice is stick to the Beach, at low tide, you will find loads of space, and the Beach between High and Low tide is legal to fly (search “The Queens Foreshore”).
Just stick to the Drone Code (as far as proximity and distance to/from people are concerned) and you should have little problem.

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Hi Adrian, I don’t live in Yarmouth but I purchased my HS720 as my first drone to use at our holiday place in Hopton on Sea. I have used it 3 times in a large field next to Potters and have just bought a Mavic Pro Platinum from another GADC member so am hoping to go further afield so would be very interested to know of any places you find to fly, specially for a beginner!
Also welcome to the club

I was at a pub on the Broads a week or so ago, not so far from a Great Yarmouth at “The Ferry Inn” at Stokesby.
There was a lovely straight stretch of riverside path leading away from the Pub down river towards Yarmouth.
It looked a good place to fly.
I will give it a shot, next time I am that way.
Parking at The Lifeboat Station Car Park ( pay and display) and walking through onto the beach at Caister is another potential place with wide open spaces.
Just make sure your take off space is away from other people and is a Public Place ( wiggles his two fingers !)

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