Hello from Norfolk

Just a quick hello :blush:
Based in Norwich, but travel anywhere I can fly my drone. Started with a cheap no GPS machine then Mavic Air for a year and now Mavic Pro2.
Been a photographer for many years and took up flying after doing a trial day 18 months ago. Adds a new angle on everything plus i just love flying.
Looking forward to brain storming etc on here with like minded souls :slight_smile:

Thanks for reading


Hi Amanda and welcome to the [cough] asylum. :smiley:

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Hi Amanda,

I am just the other side of the border in Suffolk.

I was interested about your interest in photography.
Is it tricky to take pictures with all the privacy legislation out there. Do fly early to avoid accidentally including passers by.

I have just been chatting to Chrisjohnbaker, who also lives in Norwich, about safe places to fly.

Is there anywhere you would recommend?

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Nice portfoliio on you website ;o)

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I tend to stay well clear of Norwich and there are quite a few nice spots around. What sort of thing do you like to capture?

Welcome Amanda :wave:
Nice website, some great pics on there
Looking forward to seeing more of your work

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Hi Amanda welcome to our madhouse admin will be along to sort out the boring bits
@chrisjohnbaker lives in Norwich along with a few others and has some nice places to fly he will also be along to say hi I’m sure

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Are you referring to drone photography or standard ‘handheld’ camera. The later has very few restrictions in terms of privacy and the only real rule is if you are on private land then there may be restrictions - e.g. shopping centres typically get very touchy about photos in their arcades.


Hey Amanda

Welcome to GADC.

I think many of us could be picking your brains for some (much needed) photography tips!!


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Welcome to this great forum

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Welcome Amanda to a great site .

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Basically Amanda,
I am at the stage where I am trying not to decapitate wildlife.
(Just learning to fly it is hard enough)

I ordered the drone without realising the restrictions.
Waveney council (Suffolk) say no public area can ever be used, National Trust not keen. Understandably the RSPB frown on it.
The seaside usually has people/properties close by.

Hence my question, where to safely & legally fly.
I really didn’t mean ‘IN’ Norwich, more just areas around Norfolk.

Always had an interest in photography and used to develop pictures/prints of my children etc. in the loft.

I have used cheap Pentax SLR’s, now I just take take pictures on my phone. So I have got lazy and would like to branch out.

Thank you Stuart,
That is helpful.

Have you found isolated areas or do you just fly early in the morning?

Hi Amanda,
Nice to have you aboard, I too am from Norwich and get out as often as I can into the Norfolk Countryside.
And ,yes, I am mad about drones !!

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@Boydey I have flown at al times of the day but it generally depends on what / where I am. So when I flew in a local public park recently I deliberately went at a time when schools were still in session and most folks are in work.

Because of my passion for landscapes (and Long exposures in particular) I am almost always found near the seaside or generally in places where the general public need to put in some effort to get too - not always but it helps. Then as you suggest there is ‘the time of day’. I do fly in the morning but predominantly it’s evening and around sunset time.

For flying, just follow the drone code and I’ll add ensure you take off from public property. If folks approach explain this and explain what / why you’re doing what you do. My experience is that nobody has yet “had a go” though I do expect it.

Being 6ft, 15 stone and with a #1 haircut it can put folks off approaching me though :smiley: Just remember - none of these organisations own the airspace so they can only ask you not to fly over and not to fly from off of their land. But they can’t stop you if you take off and land from public land. The beach, a promontory, footpath, end of a cliff walk, etc… all good places IMO.


I tend to use NATS app and UAV forecast to check an area.
I have a few places north of Norwich that I can go fly, just to keep my hand in.
There are more places that you can potentially fly no worries, it just needs a little bit of planning and be aware.
Where are you trying ?

Thanks Stuart,
Helpful info.

would like to get some tips with long exposure drone photography if youre up for that ?

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Thank you Amanda,

I’ve not seen your pictures, so what do you like to shoot?

As to flying, it seems there are some really large parks just outside of Norwich, so flying there tomorrow. The council are not so uptight as Waveney, which prohibits flights from any park. Excerpt from council website:
‘# Drones
The flying of drones, irrespective of size, is not permitted in any of our parks or open spaces within this council.’#

I have practised at home (minus rota blades) so I know everything works.

I was just talking to Stuart who likes sunset flying. That seems exciting + brilliant light then.

i dont fly in parks. I go to waste land like here - 52.716214, 1.153081 - also spoken to several old air bases like 100th Bomb Group, who are happy for you to fly from, following the drone code of course

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