Hello from North Manchester

Just discovered this wonderful site, enjoyed reading through the informative and entertaining posts.
I fly wherever I (legally) can and absolutely love finding new places to explore, I am based near Bury, North Manchester.
Owned a Mavic Pro Platinum for about 18 months now, a fantastic bit of kit. Still discovering new features every time I use it!
Enjoy still photography with it, I do take video of course, but I am totally rubbish with video editing-a complete newbie, so I just have a collection of good, but unedited stuff! I love high flying on the moors near here. Well, as high as the kit will allow me of course…and enjoy landscapes.
Hope to contribute often.
All the best


Welcome (from south Manchester) @MPPjockey, I’m sure you’ll enjoy being a member.

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Hi Gary
Im a newbie to the site and droning in general . Me and my lad have bought a Mavic Air 2 . Hes more the flyer and Im the spotter but he lets me have a go now and again lol. We are in Harwood, Bolton so not that far from you. Planning to fly over Jumbles Reservoir in next week or so. If you are going to any places in the local area anytime soon let me know and if you dont mind a hanger on Id love to bring my drone and have a go. Cheers

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Thanks BlueMoon, sounds like a plan-I’ll give you a shout when I’m next out and about :+1:

Hi Gary and welcome to GADC.

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Hi, I’m a felllow new guy, also from the Manchester area. :+1:t2:


Welcome good sir.

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I’m over in Atherton. Not too far away from Bury area. Used to live in Torrington. Good call on Jumbles didn’t even think of there. Also thought of up Edenfield and Holcombe could be good flying locations.


Not far indeed! I’ve done Holcombe, Peel Tower etc, always a good spot and not too far from me.
Jumples looks good, will deffo give that a look see.

Thank you!


Hello there!