Hello from North Wales

Hi everyone I’m Richard from North Wales, newbie today.


Shwmae @richew welcome aboard the gravy tra^H^H^H nut house :slight_smile:

What do you fly?

/Stuart (down South Wales)

Mavic 2 pro, and just purchased the Mini, it’s amazing for its sized, only managed to fly it in my very small garden though.


Hi Richard, Welcome to the best Drone forum this side of the Atlantic !.
Feel free to pick our brains about anything to do with your drones, lots of very experienced drone flyers on here.

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Thank you, very much appreciated.

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Welcome Richard!
Depending on where you are in N Wales, there’s some lovely places to fly your drone around there!

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Welcome Richard hope you are well

Hello and welcome

Hiya - Im in North Wales too - hopefully we can share sites when all this is over :+1:

Yeah that would be great, when we hopefully get out of this lockdown.

Hi Richard and welcome to GADC.

Hi Richard, Welcome to the Forum :+1:

Welcome Richard,
I hope you enjoy the banter and pick up a few tips!