Hello from Peterborough

Hi all.

Thank you for having me here.

Quick introduction:

Currently I’m flying Mavic Pro (got it couple of weeks ago), upgraded from P3S. Although I’ve done few hours up in the air I’m still learning the hobby.

I’ve managed to kind of crash my phantom once, flying below the trees it decided to come back home due to low battery… And I cancelled “cancel return to home” instead of cancel return to home (if you know what I mean). Luckily I caught it just before hitting the ground breaking my remote antenna but no damage to the drone.

Eventually I’ve decided to go for Mavic Pro as portability is almost zero with phantom and the range was annoying as well.

After couple of months tracking best price for Mavic I went for a deal from Gearbest for £627 delivered from EU warehouse. It was a gamble as once I had to claim money through PayPal for the phone that wasn’t delivered. Anyway the drone turned up seven days later in perfect condition so happy days.

Additionally I bought two small cases from amazon (£16) and the dji sun shade (£20), charging hub (£27) and two batteries from Maplins (£119 but batteries has been cancelled) so… I used Tobydeals before for phantom battery with success so I order two genuine batteries for £111 (not delivered yet).

At the moment I’m considering to insure my drone and myself, best I’ve seen is:

Photoguard for accidental damage for about £50 p.a.
FPV or BMFA for liability but not sure which one to be honest.

Apologies for the prices but I wanted to share my journey and spark the conversation hopefully.

Again thank you for having me here.

Best regards, Peter.

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Welcome Peter,
I see you’re just down the road, I’m in leafy Corby. I visit your neck of the woods a lot, mainly site seeing M&S by command of her indoors. Give me a shout if you’d like a meet up. I’m just helping a noob with his Mavic Pro so you’re welcome to join us.

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Hi Njoro.

Will let you know if I will be able to meet with you in future, thanks.

I will open new topic with places to visit near us with our drones so please chip in.

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Hi Peter, welcome to forum.

@Pedrostan great, thanks

Hi @Pedrostan and welcome to Grey Arrows, great intro :+1:

Bargain price mate, good to hear it arrived safely too.

I think most GADC members with liability insurance went the FPV route but we do have a couple with BMFA though.

You’ll have to excuse my memory, but did I tell you about our interactive map?

If not, then please check out Drone Scene:

And please do contribute to the map :slight_smile:

Welcome once again Peter!

Hi Njoro,

I’m sorry to reply on a very old thread.

I’m also in Corby, would love to meet up as I’m very new to hobby too, I have Mavic Air.

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Hi, Dave

Welcome to GADC!

Hi @Plantman500 and welcome to Grey Arrows :smiley:

Don’t be afraid to ask any questions, we’ve a great bunch of experienced and helpful people here that are always willing to help :+1:

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Hi @Plantman500 more than happy to meet up, PM me your mobile number so we can arrange a day. I have a “tamed farmer” that has let me use the large fields behind the SpeedWay over the last 10 or so years, lots of room to zoom about.

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