Hello from Plymouth

Quick hello from Plymouth, Mavic Pro owner now previous UAVs have been the Yuneec Typ H & my 1st one was a Phantom 2. Looking forward to some decent weather to get out a bit more only been out the once with this one so far!

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Welcome trisktm, I’m new on here too, also grounded by the wheather.


Hi @trisktm and welcome to Grey Arrows :smiley:

@Londroner will be pleased to see another new member that’s not in the North West :rofl:

I’d imagine it’s a bit hard to tell after only one flight with the Mavic, but how did it feel compared to the previous drones? Did anything immediately stand out?

Welcome once again :+1:

Welcome @trisktm, very pleased to have you with us. Grey Arrows is a friendly club full of people who love to answer questions - so ask plenty!

As @PingSpike said, do let us know how you think the Mavic Pro Pro compares to the Yuneeq Typ H, a drone I must confess I’m not familiar with.

Welcome to the forum great people and topics :smiley:

Welcome @trisktm I am sure you will be up and out over the next few days The weather here in the North West today is really quite good so you being I tiny bit south of us you will be getting a touch of sun too.

I like the App that you fly the Mavic from although I have alot I want to know still after just 1 day with it. Felt easy to fly and great picture quality.

Will do as I build confidence with it and get out more when the weather is more favourable. Typhoon H was a great UAV but very big and quite noisy. As you can imagine the draft from 6 blades is quite noisy and battery life was the biggest issue for me.

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I am considering the typhoon h so would be interested in your view. What were you getting on the battery ? How did you find the screen on the controller?