Hello from Poole Dorset

Hello everyone from me, Not long purchased my MA2 and loving it so far. Been looking at drones for a while and after borrowing a Spark, I had to get my own. Looking forward to getting more practice in if this weather would make up its mind.
Cheers all


Hi @Scottdoc and welcome to GADC.

Good choice on the MA2, lots of our members have it and have shared some great photos and videos already.

Take a look at, and perhaps add yourself to our members map. where you will find local folk who are always up for meets.

Looking for somewhere to fly, check out Drone Scene you can log in with your GADC details, its a great resource, all from our members flying experiences.

Most of all enjoy your stay with us, a great friendly bunch, don’t be afraid to ask any questions you may have

Hi Scott, welcome from a newish local member.
I’ve been flying since November, when I realised I needed a Mavic Pro in my life.

I’m the other side of town in Southbourne, there seem to be a few members in Bournemouth and Poole.

The MA2 is a great bit of kit, a friend I fly with has one, and his pics are excellent.

Enjoy the flying and I look forward to a BCP meet up some time :+1:

Yeah def Tidepool, I’m down near Baiter. I’m loving the kit, just frustrating I haven’t been out much with it, any good suggestions around to fly, don’t mind driving out a bit further afield. Seen a couple ideas on the map.


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Welcome to the club Scott :handshake:

Thanks, I’ll get adding to the map. Well impressed with the kit, glad I’ve went with it. Look forward to getting out some more with it now. I’m sure I’ll pick up some pointers from fellow members :+1:

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Hi Scott and welcome to GADC.

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Welcome! You’ve got some lovely scenery in that part of the world.

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