Hello from Ruislip in west London

Hi all, thanks to Rich (PingSpike) for the invite to join.

I live in Ruislip which is near Northolt Airport and a bit further away from Heathrow.
I’m an ex video and TV engineer still working full time (in my 60’s) as an IT technical support engineer in the TV and Film industry.
I’ve dabbled with RC helicopters before getting my first quadcopter, a Twister Quattro-x. That was fun but flew away one day after I fitted a Chinese gimbal. I never trusted it after that so sold it. Now I have a Mavic Air and love it, no issues so far but still being cautious how, where and when I fly. Got some good flights in recently while camping at the Gower Peninsular in South Wales.


Welcome to GADC, @gazzagadget. Very pleased to have you with us. I’m also a Heathrow ‘neighbour’, though out to the west in Surrey. Have you managed to find any places to fly near to you or do you confine your drone activities to travel?

Hope you find the club useful. We’re a friendly bunch who love to answer questions, so if you have any just shout out.

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Hi @gazzagadget and welcome to Grey Arrows :smiley:

How long have you had the Air now?

Did you catch some good photos with that flight too?

Please do share in our #media:photos category :+1:

Hi @PingSpike, got some rare metime, edited and uploaded a sequence from The Gower trip to YouTube.
Link in #media:photos


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Hi gazzagadget
I am In Ruislip as well. Let me know if you want to meet up sometimes

HI there.

A neighbour and I often go to some local field or other for some flying fun at weekends. He has a Spark and I have a Mavic Air. We both had other drones in the past.
What do you fly?

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Welcome to the best UK drone forum in erm UK :upside_down_face:

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I fly a Mavic 2 Pro and funny enough I go usually with a neighbour when flying. He doesn’t but enjoy the going out and the experience.
If the weather gets better at the weekend, do you fancy meeting up for a flight?