Hello from Sheffield

Hello everyone.

I’m very new to drones. Bought a spark in January and a couple of weeks ago moved to a Mavic Pro.

Love taking it out and looking to find new places to fly.


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Welcome Nick,

Good choice with the pro, love mine. I’m only a few months behind you, September but flew RC helicopters for a while.

Addictive hobby.

Hi @nickcooper123 and welcome to Grey Arrows :+1:

Have you still got the Spark? Or did you part-ex it for the Mavic Pro?

How do you find the differences between the two?

Don’t be afraid to ask questions, you’ll find a friendly and helpful bunch of people here mate :smiley:

Cheers :beers:

Another Northener joins the fold - we’re taking over. Welcome Nick to the friendliest Drone new forum out there.


I sold my spark and bought a second hand mavic pro fly more package off Gumtree.

Seemed a bargain at the price, but I’ve discovered that two of the batteries have “battery error” on them. Its not a firmware issue, its a voltage drop on one cell in each battery so two batteries for the bin! In hindsight, I’d have checked both on the drone but I just checked they had power. Lesson learnt.

The difference between Spark and Mavic for me is a big one. I was getting disconnections with the spark, whereas I’ve never lost the mavic in flight yet. Also the sound of it, when out in the coutryside, I could hear the high pitched whine from it. Dont get me wrong, the mavic is loud but on a lower frequency.

I don’t want to make out the Spark is rubbish, its a brilliant machine and it got me into flying.


Nick try your luck with DJI they may still be in warranty.

I’m waiting for the bloke who sold me the kit, to give me his date and proof of purchase, but he’s dragging his feet.

The annoying thing is they’ve only had two charges through them, so its not as if theyve even been hammered, probably just left in the box and not cycled properly.

Yeah that might be the problem. Might have not charged them after last flight and then left them unused.
Do they charge?

Yeah, they charge fine. The problem is when in the drone, the controller says “Battery Error” and cannot fly.

I’ve checked the voltages across the three cells and one cell is down quite a bit. Knackered!

Welcome, Nick. Great to have you in GADC. Another Sheffielder. I think think that makes at least three members in the city I know of. I did the reverse of you; bought a Mavic Pro, then a Spark. So far I’ve held onto both. I think your experiences with buying off Gumtree are a sage lesson to anyone buying used drone gear. Hopefully GADC will help guide you on a safer path with future purchases. Just remember to ask questions, lots of them! :slight_smile:

Hi Nick and welcome.
I’m also in Sheffield and have the Mavic Pro and a Phantom 3. Got plenty of location suggestions around the area, maybe we should swap notes. Enjoy the Mavic!