Hello from Shrewsbury

Hello from Mike in Shrewsbury, sorry to say i’m Droneless at the present. So i’m doing my research into what would be the best for a beginner. Inspired by youtubes ian in London.


Hi @MikeS and welcome to Grey Arrows :wave:t2:

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Welcome once again!

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Welcome Mike to GADC :clap:

Hi Mile welcome to GADC, lots of knowledgeable folk around, unfortunately I’m not one of them. Still very much a noob :+1: :slightly_smiling_face:

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Welcome! @MikeS :slight_smile:

You can’t go wrong with a DJI Mini 2 in my opinion, though they’re quite pricey for a first drone, they’re easy to control. Plus, loads of folk on here (including myself) have a Mini 2, so lots of advice on offer! If you do go for a Mini 2, go for the Fly More Combo, as the extra batteries are worth having. Drone flying is so addictive that you don’t want to be limited to a single battery! :rofl:

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Hi Mike - welcome to GADC :+1: :+1: :+1:

Hi Mike and welcome, new here also, got the drone, awaiting the weather to behave itself for the first flight. Passing the time reading some very helpful information here.

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I can 2nd a DJI Mini 2. Plus they can fly at 100+ mph :laughing:
Welcome and good luck with whatever drone you opt for.

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One way only :confounded:

Hi Mike, welcome from Newport.

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Thirded DJI Mini 2 Fly More.

The benefit is they are under 250g in weight and this affords you permission to fly in more places than a more heavy drone.


Welcome, be warned this is an addictive hobby. :smile:

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Greetings, like you I’m looking to get one sometime this year. Dji mini 2 and autel nano come to mind. @ianinlondon is certainly knowledgeable and I’d trust his views on a drone before I buy.

Thanks, wondering if April brings the new mini 3. But I think I’m edging towards the DJI mini.

Thanks Kosymodo, all makes sense. Edging towards that and may wait a few more weeks to see is they bring out a mini 3

Welcome Mike
I am a newbie too and just starting out and learning the lessons of drone flying, these guys on here help you negate the more painful and expensive ones if you take time to read the posts.
:wink: :+1:

Won’t be this side of summer , Q3 I’d guess at

Make sure it’s the Mini 2 (not the original Mini).

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Seconded. It’s because the Mini 2 has better signal strength, and can be flown in more windy conditions. Also better video quality!

Thanks for your advice guys, ps very helpful videos Ian Thanks Mike (subscriber)