Hello from south Somerset

Hi! I’m Carl, from Somerset. I got my first ever drone a couple of weeks ago (a Mavic Air) but the weather has been naff so I’ve only flown it a handful of times. Got loads to learn but I’m really enjoying it so far. Been into photography for about 9 years or so and the drone should give me some interesting viewpoints!




Welcome Carl, great to have you here. I am looking forward to hearing about your experience with it. Don’t be shy to post some of your content in due course, it’s great to see pics and vids from other members.

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Thanks! I’ve just posted my first three videos in the media section :slight_smile:

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@carl hi bud its nice to have somone reasonably close welcome to the greyarrows:+1:

Hi @Carl and welcome to Grey Arrows :smiley:

The Mavic Air is a seriously impressive bit of kit, isn’t it??

We’ve all been grounded on and off for the last three months mate, the weather has been unreal!!!

Still, despite the snow we had here at the weekend, Spring is apparently on the way :smiley:

Welcome once again mate :+1: