Hello from South Yorkshire

Hi all.

Stumbled across the group and so happy I did. I’ve been lurking somewhat since joining and just reading as much as I can to get more familiar with the group as a whole and improve my own knowledge. Bought the Mini 2 fly more combo after mulling over the purchase for ages. Only a single flight so far (mainly due to weather) but will be doing more practice before pushing things and moving on to the photography element of it all.


Welcome @MAQ - Glad you decided to say hello.

As you may have noticed there’s quite a few of us from Yorkshire and South Yorkshire too.

I’m from Doncaster and also fly a Mini 2, they’re great machines aren’t they?

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I’m from just outside Rotherham. Had a mavic air for a couple of years.

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Thanks @Howard78

Yes it does seem that the white rose is strong here, and you’re right the mini is a great machine. When the original Mavic came on the scene I was surprised how steady it was, didn’t think that something so much smaller could have the same control.

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Hi @TankMiler thanks for the welcome, me too.

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Hey up @MAQ and welcome to GADC.

A Yorkshire meet is well overdue, we did manage to squeeze one in last year between lockdowns

I’m not far away just near the M62 near Goole


I have both the original mavic pro and the mini. Love them both but yes very surprised how good the mini 2 is. It’s very close

Hi @MAQ and welcome to GADC.