Hello from Spain

Hello to the whole community.
My name is Manuel and I am from Spain, specifically from the province of Jaen (land of olive trees and rich oil)

I found out about this forum through a link they sent me and I have joined because it is very interesting.


Hi from the UK :wave:t2:

Who is “they”? :thinking:

Welcome my friend. My drone wont fly that far to check it out. But a picture would be nice

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Hi Manuel,

welcome, looking forwards to seeing some shots of spain.

Isn’t that the million dollar question.

As in other people in the air, pilots etc? :eyes::thinking::mask:

Thanks for the welcome.

I made a modification of its firmware to my drone and how I need to install an application they recommended this site to me from the technical assistance of a website that I do not know if I can say.

No problem.
I will upload photos.

Hey Manuel,

Welcome to the club. If you want some help with custom firmware, might be able to get so in these other thread sections:

I hope this helps.




You can discuss and link to any web site you like. We don’t have any silly rules like some other forums :blush:


Welcome, this is a great forum. Maybe you could help us to know how we register a drone with AESA in Spain as a non resident (for holidays).

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Hola, Welcome to the group.

tengo una casa en Orihuela costa. está bastante cerca de ti.

In Spain it is necessary from January 1, 2021 the licenses “open category”
A1 / A3 and A2
It is easy to take the exam.

Once approved, the license is received within a few hours by email.

You must also register as a UAS operator


En Inglés?

It’s true! I hadn’t thought that you need the test in English.

The A1 / A3 are 40 questions for 40 minutes and you have to get 75% correct.
They are easy and perhaps you can use an online translator.

For the A2 I can help it is the same problem.

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Am I right in saying you need to obtain a digital signature? This is where most are having difficulty I think.

The test is so easy you shouldn’t have any trouble passing it in Spanish.

Are you saying there’s a free A2 test too?


The exam is free A1 / A3 and A2.

Digital signature is required (the simplest thing)
Another way is “pin key” or “permanent key”

First they have to register as a UAS operator
It is also free.
This is the access

Once this process is done, they can access the registration for the A1 / A3 exam.
When they have approved they can access the A2 registration
Here they have access

I have only read (not studied) course A1 / A3 and I passed with 9.25.

The A2 certificate is difficult, but I studied it very well and I passed with a 9.

Once approved, you will receive a notification in your email to download your certificate (pilot card).