Hello from Staffordshire

I’ve been a back seat passenger on the site after recently signing up so thought Its time to say hi from a Parrot Anafi flyer.


Hi @catchem and welcome to GADC.

Hello from Staffordshire also

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Welcome catchem, I’m new too, and have had some very useful replies, so check my introduction post out for some good stuff.
I’m from t’Potteries, yoth. (ST1) :grin:


Hi to you all. Yes I’m potteries too I should have been more specific with plenty from staffs on here. WillC yes a good community with shared tips, been flying for a while now so most of thats under my belt now but their again always good to hear others experiences and new things.

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hi there

Hi back at ya

Hi to you.



Hi from stafford

Hi steveg76

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Hi raspberry