Hello from Stockport

Hi, Sam here, invited over from another forum and very much liking the first impressions here :+1:

Originally from Eccles, Salford and now living in Stockport - not had my MP for long now but had a good few first flights. First time flyer so still being patient and watching the drone more than the phone screen but hoping to build up my confidence and start getting some rewarding footage.

Any suggestions for big open (and quiet!) spaces around Stockport / Cheshire greatly appreciated so I get some practice in! :slight_smile:

Looking forward to hopefully sharing some pics and vids with you guys too.

Thanks for having me!


Hi @S_O and welcome to Grey Arrows :+1:

Another north west member, we are definitely taking over :rofl:

I lived in Manchester for a while, just up the road from the MEN Arena, and I used to work over in Salford Quays. Now living over in Wigan. You’ll find a whole bunch of north western members here too.

For places to fly be sure to check out our interactive map:

And please do add to it :smiley:

Welcome once again!

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Hi @PingSpike thanks for the welcome!

Yeah I’ve just been looking through some of the intro topics and it seems like everyone in the North West is already here! :joy:

That map is brilliant cheers! I’ll try and add to it if I find some nice spots on my travels. I have 3 kids, a full-time job and my own business too so don’t get out anywhere near as much as I would like but hoping to deffo make the most of summer this year with my MP :sunglasses:

All the best!


Welcome to the forum mate. Glad you made it over. Much more laid back here.

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Cheers @callum and thanks for inviting me - I’m on quite a few forums (not drone related though) and even administer a couple, haven’t seen this software though before though - seems very modern, as does the “vibe”. Much more relaxed than a lot of places!

Hi S_O
Welcome enjoy the banter too we in the NW have a sense of humour
Ok I do
don’t know about the pie eater though


Where aboits in Stockport you from S_O?

I work in the glorious place! I live in Wythenshawe for my sins.

Whereabouts have you flown in Stockport? I struggle where I am with living literally yards from the main runway at Manchester airport so I have to travel out to fly.

I’m right on the edge next to Burnage. I’ve not actually flown anywhere in Stockport yet but would love to find somewhere suitable near the viaduct or something - I think that would get some great shots.

Up to now I’ve had to go out into Cheshire to find big parks etc.

I was at the runway visitor park yesterday with my kids, never been before and I thought it was incredible - kids weren’t that bothered haha. I used to go to a spot right at the end of the runway (can’t rememeber the name of the street) but went last year and it appears to have been turned into a pay and display car park :frowning:

I assume there’s a big no-fly zone around the airport?

Hi :wave:t2:
I’m in Swinton, Salford
Also used to live in Dukinfield near Denton.
If you’re in Stockport then you may aswell head up to Buxton/Peak District for some beautiful shots. Not actually seen any shots done in Stockport before, a nice viaduct and city shot would look great !!

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Considering the amount of air traffic there, the NFZ isn’t as big as you might think:



Wow! I certainly thought my house would have been in there but apparently I’m out of it - some of those planes definitely look like they’re not far off 400ft as they fly over but I guess they’re probably well clear. I wouldn’t fly near my house anyway as it’s a built up area.

Hi and welcome

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I realise your post is almost a year old but if you try werneth Low War memorial in Hyde you have the whole cheshire plain on your view, you won’t be disappointed and its only few miles away.


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