Hello From Strensall, North Yorkshire

Hi All.
Newbie here, Well 67 yr old, “Old Newbie” I live in Strensall just outside of York, I have recently retired so I decided to buy a drone, I have bought the Holystone HS 720E EIS. I have flown RC Helis many years ago so i am hoping it has at least given me a fighting chance to fly the drone, I have got my Operators ID and Aircraft ID from the CAA, so all set to go, I hope to find a field and get permission to fly. so that I can just practice take offs, hovers, and direction, then i may be brave enough to move around the sky. my other hobbies are Photography, Nikon D300 and Nikon D700, and also Caravanning. looking forward to chatting and probably meeting members on the club. Health Wishes to all.


Hi @tankie1rtr and welcome to Grey Arrows :wave:t2:

I know ‘Strennie’, quite well the Mrs hails from Haxby and the in-laws are still there.

Have you seen our members map? (Click the burger-menu in the top right) You may find some pilots living near you. Feel free to add yourself to the members map too :+1:t2:

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Welcome once again!

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Hi Milkmanchris.
Thank you for your welcome, Yes Strennie is a nice place but it has had a lot more houses built since i moved here 25 years ago, I hope to find other members who are in North Yorkshire so we may have meet up when we are allowed. I am surprised at the amount of sections in this club, so i am going to have an enjoyable few hours combing through them all. Hope you are well. Health Wishes.

There are lots of us in Yorkshire and Humberside, and in more usual times we do meet regularly.

Good luck with the reading, and no question is a stupid question ;o)

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Thank you Chris.

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Hi John - welcome to GADC :+1: :+1: :+1:

Thank You Jhdee, Health Wishes.

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Hi John and welcome.

It’s great to have more join from Yorkshire and I’m sure we’ll have a few more meets up this way now that restrictions allow.

Enjoy your new drone and as @milkmanchris said there are no “stupid” questions as we all were beginners once

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Hi Howard.
Thank you for your welcome, I hope there are some meets up our way, always nice to meet up, look forward to it. Health Wishes.

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Hi John,

Welcome to the club from West Yorks.
There must be a few dozen tykes ready for a big get together this summer, roll on!

Cheers, George

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Watch this space :wink:

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Most definitely “Roll On” it will be nice to meet others. looking forward to it.

Howdie, not too far from you, Sherburn in Elmet, I like to fly at the Knavesmire when I can

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Hello Mate.
No you are not far from me at all, I never thought about flying at the Knavesmire, that would be worth a shot when its clear, there is a big field on the Common at Strensall, I dont know of any other areas at the moment, I was considering asking one of the local farmers if i could fly on any of his vacant fields. and in return, If he ever needs his barn roof photographing or his house roof, only too glad to do it for him.

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If you park where the cars are here on Knavesmire Rd

Then just go onto the field and fly from there, never had any problems and seen others flying there

Not the cars on the right, my copy and paste from google maps never worked, you will see where I mean if you go there, there is parking by the field under the trees

I think i know where you mean, the field is on the right, and across the road there is the football pitches ?

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Bottom right before the buildings

Sorry matey, I cannot place where that is, I was thinking about where they have the Balloon Festival.

Try this one