Hello from sunny (not) Bolton

Hi all
Just got my Mavic pro at the weekend and hopefully able to fly at some point this weekend have been invited here from the mavic sight and see a few people I have chatted with there
Have arranged with a couple of guys to have a meet up soon weather permitting


Now then Jeff. Good to see you here mate.
Drop me a line when you are off for a fly.

I’m off for a fly today weathers nice you busy?

Hi there @sparkman999 and welcome to Grey Arrows :smiley:

If you do meet up later, please do share some photos with us :+1:

Will do Pingspike just got back it was a bit windy and bitterly cold
So first flight under the belt and first meet up too

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Welcome to this superbly friendly and informative forum from another Bolton member - well Westhoughton actually :wink::wink:

No thats cow yed city
not Bolton

I bet no one outside of this area understands what you mean by “cow yed city”. For those who are interested simply look up “Keaw Yed” city on Google.

see they can’t even spell cow or head

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Bloody northerners :rofl:

Your Northern entry visa will abruptly end @PingSpike using such terms :wink::wink:


I still remember not long after I started working in Wigan and a few people in the office were talking about babbys yed and chips’n peawet.

Couldn’t help but wonder why these northern folk were going on about keeping babies in garden sheds and getting their peas wet :thinking:

I was also equally amazed by the fact that these same northern folk were putting gravy on everything they ate too :open_mouth:

But nearly twenty years later it all seems quite normal now :smiley:

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But have you tried ‘lobby’ yet?

food of kings

Steak and kidney pudding (babbies yed - because its meant to look like a babies head) with chips and the juice of the top of the mushy peas (pea wet - the free/skint mans alternate to mushy peas)!!!

My sister married a wiganer… he’s been skitted ever since.

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