Hello from Sutton, Surrey


Just joined about a month ago so I thought I’d introduce myself.
I’ve been flying about a year and I have a Mavic Pro.
Would love to hear of some meet ups and more places to fly.
Really finding the conversations interesting btw.


Hello and welcome Simon.


Hi Simon and welcome to Grey Arrows!

My dad lives at the top end of the high street and my sister lives off the A217. I’ve moved slightly further north since :blush:

I hear a few people fly Mitcham Common?

And Richmond park has a dedicated flying field :clap:t2:

Granted, neither are on your doorstep, but London eh :blush:


I fly down in beddington park


And welcome Simon by the way :laughing:


Hi Simon
welcome to the madhouse
As @PingSpike said look on the map add yourself and you should be able to find local flying nerds…
Sorry I mean comrades


Welcome Simon to GADC, from one of the boys !!


And Morden Park has a designated flying area.


Welcome Simon


Welcome! :+1:


Hi and welcome to GADC @Simonlee :wave:


Scorps is awesome… he came and met me on my first mavic air flight!! Brilliant.
I’m Tooting Bec and always loving for meet-ups