Hello from Swafham, Norfolk

Just joined up so thought I would say hello from here in Norfolk. I’m out near swaffham in case there’s anyone else on here out my way?.



Welcome to the forum. I am in Lakenheath but have flown very little during the past 12 months with my Air1 there’s so much help on here


Welcome Chris :+1: :+1: :+1:

Hi Chris and welcome to GADC.

Hi Chris , welcome to GADC, always good to have another Norfolk member on the site , if you add yourself to the members map you will see Norfolk has quite a few. Enjoy the site and your flying and look forward to seeing your pics and videos soon.

Welcome to GADC Chris (great name by the way).

Hi there

Hi Chris. We moved from Northampton to Saham Toney a couple of days ago. It was actually on 1st April, but if I wrote that, everyone would’ve thought I was joking!! Been to busy since to even look at my drones, but hope to explore new territory soon.

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Hi Chris, welcome always good to see new

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I’m literally just down the road from you… in fact my girls go to the Nicholas Hammond Academy… We are in Marham… for our sins!
My other half works at the school here so we are here for now… lol :joy: