Hello from The north east of Scotland

Hi, I am a first time drone owner and I bought a mini2 a week ago. Unfortunately it has been snowing almost constantly since I bought it so I have passed the time by reading everything I can find on the internet about it. You seem like nice bunch of folks and I look forward to any advice you wish to pass on to me. Cheers Murray


Hi Murray and welcome to GADC. Check out our very own Where can I fly my drone in the UK? - Drone Scene for places to fly.

Thanks. I will check it out.

Welcome, lots of excellent advice on here for us newbies.

Enjoy :nerd_face:

Thanks. I will definitely need advice :grinning:

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Hi there

Hello Darren

Where in the North East are you?


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welcome :slight_smile:

Thanks mate :grinning:

Welcome Murray, looking at the forecast, it will be a few more days before you get your first flight. Wind is really picking up now. I’m up in Peterculter, west of Aberdeen and haven’t flown for about 2 months. Hope all goes well when you finally get out.

Welcome, and top tip… get some thermal gloves!

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Thank you. I’m itching to get out but yes, the weather has so far put a stop to that. Looking at the forecast I might get out for a wee while next week.

Thanks. Aye that is a good tip. I guess I should get touchscreen gloves?

Personally I’ve never tried them for flying a drone, I did find they were a nuisance on a phone as they tend to have fingerprint sensors on. I use some that you can pull the thumb and forefinger tips back on, they then stay in place with magnets. Seem to work ok but still not as good as no gloves and the exposed bits still get cold!

Jeez! I really do have a lot to learn, I didn’t even know you could get gloves like that. :grinning:

These are the ones I got:

Thanks man!