Hello From the Northwest

Hello all, yes another member form the northwest area, seems the northern powerhouse is stong here !

Just collected a MPP yesterday so plenty of reading to do, hopefully maiden flight over the weekend, weather permitting that is.

Located in south Manchester.


Welcome Jon, not a million miles from you , enjoy the mavic :slight_smile:

:wave:t2: welcome

Hi there @JonD and welcome to Grey Arrows :smiley:

We’re getting a really strong North West member base lately! Sorry southerners :rofl:

Do let us know how the MPP goes. I’m still yet to see one in the flesh.

Don’t be afraid to ask any questions, we’re all here to help each other :+1:

And please do share your photos and videos in the #media section when you get going :slight_smile:

Hi All, Not long had my Mavic Pro (4weeks) love it !! From Stoke-on-Trent

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Hi @chrishackney1985 and @JonD, a very warm welcome to GADC - despite you reinforcing the ‘northern bloc’ of the club. :wink: i’m sure you’ll have lots of questions about your new objects of obsession and right here’s the best place to ask them. Also, post your videos and stills and take part on our challenges to win exclusive badges. In short, have fun.

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Welcome to the club

I joined faily recently and had such a warm welcome that I keep coming back it’s by far the best group of people to talk about what we love

There are members who have inspires down to sparks and beyond.

If you need anything let us know and I’d be happy to help.


Hi @chrishackney1985 and welcome to Grey Arrows, great to have you on board :smiley:

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Hi and welcome.
Anyone flying today in the Manchester area ?

Welcome @JonD And @chrishackney1985 You will find lots of advice here and very friendly Flyers

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Not this weekend Smecky but hopefully catch up in the future for some flying

Blimey mate, the weather was wild in Wigan today, rained most of the morning and seriously strings winds all day!

Did you get to fly today??

Well think Im all set up :thinking: update done IMU calibration will redo the compass at site of flight…

Oh, refresh paid and insurance paid :+1:

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Maiden flight completed today, did the three batteries, nothing fancy just stayed in beginer mode to get the feel of it as been out of RC flying for a few years.

Loved the MPP, gave my 10yr old daughter ago, she was really good with it, especially as she’s never flown before.


Great news!

I think I stayed in beginner mode for the first three or four flights :blush: