Hello from West Norfolk

Hello all. My name is Mark and I’m a new flyer from Downham Market in West Norfolk. My sons bought me a cheap drone to fly and now I’m hooked and saving up for a better quality drone.
I’m a hobby photographer so flying drones for photography is an interesting concept for me.
I have taken some pics of Denver Sluice and the cheap camera on the drone is frankly dreadfully, so upgrading the drone is my priority.

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Denver Sluice

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Hi Mark - welcome to GADC :+1: :+1: :+1:

Hi Mark, welcome to GADC, always great to have another Norfolk recruit. I started with a cheap drone but the jump to the mini and then my Mavic 2 pro was unbelievable, I did sell the mini then regretted it so added a mini 2 and I would say a mini 2 is a excellent starting point . Anyway enjoy your flying and being a member of GADC, hope to see your posts soon ,

Thanks for the welcome. My current drone is a 4rdc mk1. It’s great to fly and had some excellent flying days.
I’m awaiting the new classification on the drones to come out before I splash the cash.

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You are welcome, you will love this site , it’s possibly the best thing you have done after buying a drone , truly great member base all willing to advise and help . I know what you mean about the C classification but be warned you ( we ) could be in for a long wait , the mini 2 will not as it stands be effected by the c in fact a new one with c might be able to do less than one without , if you search around there are some good second hand deals about , I bought my M2P from CEX second hand saved loads and it had 2 year warranty, there is always something to wait for sometimes it’s better to enjoy now than keep waiting lol .