Hello from Wigan

Hi there All

Just thought I would say hello and have a look around :slight_smile: Ordered a DJI Mav Air 2, just waiting for it to be delivered as it was meant to turn up today, but now Monday. But has given me a bit of extra time to get a few extra bits and bobs for it.

Plus with lockdown, not sure I will be doing more then just a few test flights at work in the yard to get used to it.


Hi from Poolstock @FireStorm-X :wave:t2:

Hello from Blackpool :wave:

@FireStorm-X FireStorm-X Please let me/us know how long delivery takes in total, I’m going the same route once they make the Smart Controller and MA2 compatible.

BeltandBraces - Simon

Argos and Amazon often do same day delivery (depending on where you live).

@PingSpike, sorry, I assumed you ordered from DJI in China! This is what I am doing.

Ordered from UK, but payment did not clear before cut off time for next day delivery…Dam Paypal lol :slight_smile:

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You’ll have to let me know of a few spots that are good for flying around Wigan, Have Car and can travel LOL…well in lockdown, so not sure what the rules are on that now ?

Here’s a few to start with:

Hi Andy and welcome to GADC.

MA2 and SC are compatable…

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Welcome :+1:

Anyone tried fir tree flash area in wigan/bickershaw, Use to take my mum up there to walk her dogs, nice big open space. If I remember right there used to be a coal pit there ?

Another Drone less day :frowning: this time thanks to Dpd, seems the delivery drive could not be bothered getting out of his van to do the delivery. Have him on CCTV pulling up in works car park. 30 seconds later turning around and driving out of car park :frowning:

I hope it is a different driver tomorrow ?