Hello From Worcestershire

Good Afternoon, I’ve been guided here by PingSpike.

We bought our son a cheap drone for xmas, all his own idea, and the first we heard of it was when we took him to see Santa!

The odd thing about it is, I’ve always had an interest in drones and I’m a former freelance photographer. In my head it is something I’d like to take further, i.e. PfCO.

Anyway, that’s a little down the line I guess, so for sure it’s going to be nice to have a uk based resource to draw from and feed into.


Hmm, a cuppa sounds like a sterling idea, sir!


Hi. and welcome. I did a stint as Santa this year. I saw around 700 children and only one asked for a drone! Your son has good taste :slight_smile:

The regulations for commercial work are changing as you may read elsewhere here. Unless we go it alone on air navigation regulations instead of adopting the European ones in July. It will al become clearer? closer to July. Meanwhile I suggest you borrow your son’s drone at every opportunity and practice, practice, practice.

Until you get your own aircraft of course …

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700 kids! Good on you.

Yeah it was a total shock, but a welcome one. I’ve been a rc car racer for 30 years, I do it to a pretty high standard (raced a couple of world and a European championship), but suddenly stopped enjoying it.

I’m 95% that I’ll end up with something in the Mavic Pro range, the photographer in me is drawn to the 'blad on the 2 pro.

I think it’s probably wise for me to wait and see what the M3P does to the used market prices later this month.


My deputising for Santa wasn’t altruistic, it gained me £25 an hour.

As regards second hand-prices, yes, if the M3P comes out and is a major advance then prices may go down as people rush to get the latest shiny. But I’m not sure - looking at used kit on eBay such as DJI 550 drones without go-pro, batteries or transmitter the prices seem high in regard to the kits capabilities.

Lol. I did a quick stint too. I said to 1 3yro chap do you want a plane. He said no. I said do you want a remote control plane. He said yes! I said you need to ask your dad now!

Can’t wait for a meet man. I have a nitro 1/10 and eager to learn from a pro. Love the sound and smell of the engine.

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