Hello from worthing

Hi, A bit green to all this. Previous experience only on indoor toy drones.
So I bought a holy stone 720 . I’ve taken my flyer and operator licence but haven’t yet flown my drone but looking forward to flying it soon when I can find a local area to fly without causing a nuisance to others or problems for myself.
Regards Paul


Hi @p.crowhurst1 Paul,
Just recently joined myself, they are a great bunch of people here, :grinning: can learn from others and get great advice :+1:
Happy flying

Welcome Paul :+1: :+1: :+1:

Hi Paul


This will help if you haven’t used it yet,

Hello Paul,

Welcome to the community.

Thanks Chris…Cat wait for good weather to fly.


Thanks for the welcome from you all

Thanks Brit , yes I’ve been on dronscene. Looks a usefull site.

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Had the same issue and not wanting to fall foul of lockdown rules.

I work in Worthing (when I am not working in my living room) so keep the mini 2 in the car and take it up if I get chance.

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Hope to get out at some point over Easter :hatching_chick:. Travelling to Hayling Island tomorrow to see our daughter and grandchildren. :wink:

Good luck. I’ve just come back from there, 40mph wind and freezing cold.

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Hi @Meondrone … just hope that the weather is better tomorrow :blush: checked the weather App, it’s saying 12-15 mph with 20-25 gusts, so won’t be ideal, but flyable hopefully :+1:

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I find the gusts are always an overkill

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Hi Paul and welcome to GADC.

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You can watch this video to see what can be done with a drone over Worthing


Thanks Seahunter👍

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That’s a great bit of film guido. I don’t think I could fly over the beach as my drone is 460 g. Still i fancy flying inland a bit, high salvington would be good but I think it’s council land so this may be a problem.

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Hi Paul. There is at least one HS720 Facebook group that it might be worth you joining so you can compare notes with others who have that drone just in case you encounter any issues with yours. While this group is great for general advice, sometimes you may have a model-specific question. I found it useful when I had a HS720E But I have a Mavic Air 2 now. Have fun when you manage to get it in the air!

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Welcome, I’m not far from worthing, I’m sure you’ll love it when you get out and fly!!

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