Hello from Yeadon

Good evening all, just wanted to say hello. Newbie to the world of drones so expect stupid questions to start with…:grin::rofl:


Welcome to GADC

No stupid questions here, you’ll find a friendly bunch of enthusiasts with a great sense of humour.

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Welcome Richard - enjoy GADC :+1: :+1: :+1:

Hey up and welcome to GADC there are quite a few of us from the West/North Yorks area and in more normal times we meet quite regularly.

Check out our very own DronwScene map for all your pre flight planning tools as well as member added places to fly.

I’m guessing home might be a bit restrictive what with LBA on your doorstep :slightly_frowning_face:

Hi and welcome. No such thing as a stupid question :+1:

Yes, you would be correct. I’m well entrenched within the Restriced zone around LBA.

Won’t be flying around here but looking to go back to Otley and out that way when I do get chance. Not even flown my mini 2 yet as every chance I’ve had the wind has been against me so opted to not bother.

I’ve considered contacting ATC at LBA to see if there are currently any options for flying locally as there is little to no Aircraft coming in and out.

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Welcome to the group, Richard.

I’m not too far away, just at the bottom of the big hill. Unfortunately, due to your proximity to the runway, it’s very doubtful that LBA’s ATC will grant you permission to fly unless you had an imperative commercial requirement and the CAA full authorisation to do so. Then there’s also the DJI restrictions you’d need to overcome. I do know the frustration you must be going through especially as the traffic in and out of LBA is near non-existent.

All is not lost. With the Mini2 you’re pretty much free to fly anywhere North of the Otley-Pool Road, but again keep an eye on those annoying DJI restrictions, which bare no semblance to any legal requirements. I’m well North of the river heading on out to Clifton and I get those annoying pop ups from the APP.

The wind is not your friend even though the Mini2 is a big improvement over the original Mini. I was flying a couple of my 5inch and 7inch freestyle/long range quads yesterday and even with their bigger props and motors they were struggling to make headway into the wind at higher altitudes.

If you’re wanting somewhere to initially test your Mini2, the Prince Henry Rugby fields behind the park are suitable. The only traffic is the odd dog walker. I’d go with the lower field with the Mini2 as it’s surrounded by trees on three sides which will act as windbreakers for anything coming from the North, South, and West.

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Hello Nidge.

Yeah I figured that may be the case with LBA. I won’t trouble them with a request. As it happens I’ve just seen two departures from there in the last 10 minutes so not as quiet as I thought.

I’ll try the playing fields you suggest. I just want to get some practice in. My ultimate aim is to take it with me on my next trip up to the Lakes as we spend a lot of time up there (well we did till recent events got on the way).

I have some friends who live up over the bridge who have said I can launch from their garden but I’m not keen on the idea just yet as they are in the middle of Weston estate and I wouldnt want to upset the other natives… :rofl:

Welcome to the group

I have flown from otley a few times, just a tad up the road from the cow n calf, get some nice evening shot’s there and nobody bothers you :+1:

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