Hello from YO8

Hi from me, Mavic Pro flyer and pretend urban explorer.

Not much what some would call ‘traditional’ stunning scenery around, so I like industrial stuff like the power stations and wind turbines, lots in walking distance

Check out some of my drone flights at www.youtube.com/milkmanchris

Look forward to some photo swapping and possible meets (when the weather gets better)


Welcome Chris pull up a chair and join the part

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Wotcha @milkmanchris and welcome to Grey Arrows :smiley:

So, I’ve got to ask… are you actually a milkman :thinking:

You’ll find @SharkBait has a similar vested interest there too :wink:

Welcome once again mate :+1:

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Shark Bait has no choice but to be interested as it pays for all the new shiny drones. Hahaha

Welcome dude nice photo.

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Welcome aboard, subbed to your channel:)

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If SharkBait is ever out Goole way he must get in touch, there are enough turbines here to keep you in as many Inspire 2’s as a boy could ever need ;o)

@PingSpike - Started on the milk at about 13, did on and off about 30 years. Worked up to management but still a barrow boy at heart.

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