Hello peeps

Hey thanks for letting me in.
Nigel is the name and living in waterlooville near to Portsmouth.
Only just got into the drone hobby at.the tender age of 64 and loving it.
Having bit of trouble finding places to legally fly without upsetting folk.
I have got myself a hubsan h501s. Oops! Sorry if thats a bad word.
Best regards to all


Hi @Skorp and welcome to Grey Arrows :+1:

Have you seen our sister site?

You might spot some places on the map there :smiley:

Not at all!!

Everyone is welcome here :blush:

Thanks for welcome PingSpike.
Yes I have looked on your sister site. Couple of possibilities.
Oh that’s good to hear. One day I may move up to a mavic but slowly slowly catchee monkey. Lol
Nigel :blush:

Hi @Skorp. Another warm welcome to GADC. Great to have you with us. Like you, I discovered the joys of droning in my ‘mature’ years. Don’t worry, we’re not alone. :wink:

As for your choice of done, as PingSpike said, everyone is welcome here. At present most members fly Mavics but we’re always open to learning about other makes and models so please tell us more about yours.

Hello Londroner.
Appreciate the welcome :relaxed:
Yeah I’m always last to the party! Lol.

Yes well I had been looking at drones for a while now since my little Parrott rolling spider did a fly away. Guessed I needed something bigger.
Kept looking at the mavic and.phantoms.mainly in my dreams though!
Went for the hubsan h501s cause it got great reviews and was more in my budget.
It has GPS rth headless and follow me. All the bits that a novice needs really.
I’m very pleased with the way it handles.very stable and almost.flies itself.and if I do muller it then then more.of a manageable loss lol.
Best regards

Sorry if reply is in wrong.place or fragmented…

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Hi Skorp

As for your choice of quadcopter… you have one and that what its all about!!

The best advise that I can give is take your quadcopter with you wherever you go. The worst place not to fly is the one that you arrived at by chance with out it!

Before you fly in any location… The best advise that I can give, is:

  1. Always obey the drone laws for the country in which you’re flying. They are usually available on the internet on the government websites. These are the basic basic flight requirements that you need to obey to ensure you are not breaking the law… Information such as
  • Minimum distances from people
  • Minimum distances from buildings
  • Maximum distances of flight from yourself
  • They also provide other requirements such as needing a LOS spotter for FPV (first person view - flying using a screen or goggles) LOS (line of site - direct vision in of craft)
  • etc.
  1. Consult airspace maps showing the area in which you want to fly to ensure that you are not breaking the law. Restricted airspace is not always apparent such as military test zones, test sites etc. I use Kittyhawk which is downloadable for free on android… not sure about iPhone, but other apps are available on iPhone. You can search the map or open the app and it will identify your location and give you warnings etc if required.
  2. If going abroad consult the laws for that location and their air maps. For example Spain has IcarusRP on android showing their airspace and there government web page gives their laws (also do not fly over national parks!!).
  3. Don’t assume that all countries will allow drone entry as some will confiscate on entry.
  4. Be aware that some countries for example Dubai are happy for drone flight, but will not allow non-commercial drone to fly with a video or stills camera.
  5. Check drone registration requirements for the country you want to visit and register your drone in advanced to give the application time to be actioned.
  6. Look out for local signage in areas before flying. For example the National Trust are funny about drones flying over property that you pay to look at!

Happy flying.

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Thanks for that info GtMonster.

I will put kittyhawk on my phone tonight.

Yeah I guess it all comes down to common sense and being responsible enough to think consideration for others and of course safety!

I have read up on the rules and restrictions. Bit of a minefield!

At the moment I’m like a dad with a toddler again…scared to let it get too far away lol.
I want to but panic sets in if it goes too high or too far. The return to home switch will be the first component to wear out!! Lol
Best regards

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Made me smile - I’ve still not been brave enough to use it!

But you will get more confident about flying further away, it just takes time

The RTH especially on the Mavic is really good and has not failed me yet… (jinxed!!!) I can’t comment on the Hubsan as the only Hubsan that I have is a mini quad toy.

Not to scare you… I have had one model flip on RTH. It was one of my Cheerson CX-20s (AKA Quanum Nova depending on purchase location) but only once. It turned out that the flight controller was not secured correctly by a Friday afternoon factory worker in Shenzen and had some movement in its supporting tape. 4 years later and models have come along in leaps and bounds and I have rarely had equipment based flight issues once set up correctly.

As for panic. I think that’s normal when you start out and you get that feeling of loss of control. I still get nervous and some heart pumping first flight in a new place or country. Specially when over water or long distance.

Hi GtMonster
Yes I guess it’s all a new experience to learn and I am realistic enough to know that I probably will fail once or twice. Have had a minor altercation with a park litter bin! Lol
I am getting better though…I’m no longer toying with the idea of tying 10lb breaking strain fishing line to it!! :wink:

Lol, glad I wasn’t the only one :smile:

I stayed in Beginner Mode for aaaggeeeessss too :blush:

Well PingSpike I think I will be a beginner until. I’m an ender! Lol