Hello to all

Hello all from Dorset, just purchased my first proper drone, it’s a discontinued model but it cost me 75 pounds new and sealed.

Need to register it etc then find places to fly in Dorset.


Welcome to GADC and well done on purchasing your first drone, this a great site and I’m sure if you add yourself to the members map you will find others local to you and check out the where to fly my drone section to help find local places to fly from, loads of help, support and advise on here and the more you use this site the more you will get out of it, loads of previous posts if you use the search icon top right as well. Go get your registrations all done and get there and enjoy yourself. Have fun .


Would be interesting to know what drone you purchased for £75. Must be small and therefore less than 250grams, meaning you do not have to register it.

Welcome to GADC and well done on purchasing your first drone! I would register it anyway just to be on the safe side. What type of drone is it?

Thank you kindly :slight_smile:

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On the contrary, it is a veho muvi q series with gimbal. It was brand new and sealed ex stock

It is a veho muvi q series well over 250 grams.

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Hi @Lordthorlak and welcome to GADC.

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thank you kindly :slight_smile:

Hmm that is a new one, never heard of it

quite impressed with it to be honest, very good quality, gps, gimbal, fly to home, comes with a follow me tracker, spare props, transmitter is superb quality but for some reason veho dont make them any more, there are a few available online. cant seem to source spare batteries for it but its just a standard lipo inside the proprietory battery case so easily replacable.

Welcome :ok_hand:

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