So I’ve been dragged into this den of inequity.

I’m based in the North East and am far too old to playing with drones (according to the wife).

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Hello and welcome, my wife thinks I’m too old for that flying toy, they just don’t get it :wink:

Welcome (again!) @AllatSea.

I think we should add a new rule - if you’ve bought a drone and are able to fly it you’re never too old! :wink:

I could be in trouble with that, I’m still paying for mine so I haven’t technically bought it and as for the flying …

Haha, Welcome

Only way I got around the WIFE problem was to give her a grand when I bought mine.

Now I just get moaned at for waking her up at 5am when I want to go grab a sunrise

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LOL, in which case, welcome to our den :smiley:

Thanks for joining us, the more the merrier!

I live in the north west (Wigan) but work in the north east (just south of Easingwold) so spend half my life on the M62 which has given me about a thousand places I want to fly :+1:

Haven’t yet dared to take it to work with me, my boss had a fixed wing Parrot Disco. I say had… it’s in multiple pieces now. I fear if I take mine to work he’ll want to try flying it :open_mouth: :hospital:

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I don’t have a wife so not a problem for me.

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