Helmdon Viaduct

Completed in 1897



Thank you

Did you have a fly under and through ?

:joy:Yes I did video has just finished uploading


Not edited or anything no music just uploaded straight to you tube.
You can tell I was a bit worried about getting too close.

I used too live near by and remember steam trains going over the viaduct, or is that me just showing my age.

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showing ya age lol bet that was a beautiful sight seeing them crossing that.

Sure was now I look back at it, but didn’t appreciate it at the time. Caught the train several times from Brackley top station and even more from the bottom station. So sad to see it all closed down now thanks to Mr Beeching.

Bags of room!
I find it fine flying through gaps, just set the cross hairs on then you can be sideways on so long as drone lined up. I practise through the goal posts on the sports field.

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Forgot about the cross hairs I’ll try and remember next time

And the framing. I use both.