Help advise needed?

Bad Christmas morning, took my Yuneec Q500 out to show my Grandchildren this morning started to fly up and a prop flew off and the drone crashed into the wall offnext doors house smashing two of the landing gear, the camera has come off and the gimble mount has smashed to pieces. question, is it worth the complete rebuild that would be necessary or should I cut my losses and just buy a new drone? Not a very happy Christmas, Ba! Humbug.

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That’s a difficult one for anyone else to answer, really.

You’ll need to find out what all the parts will cost to resurrect it, versus the cost of what you’d replace it by, versus the benefits/features it would have.

Sometimes eBay is a great source of parts - the other day a new fan for my MP was < £17 … compared to god knows how much if I’d taken it somewhere for repair.