Help for a Purchaser of my Mavic Zoom

Hi Guys
Could anyone possibly give me some information for a guy who is purchasing my Mavic Zoom regarding Hobbyist drone cover i.e. to cover the Drone and equipment, I have told him he has to join the club and obviously FPV

Any help appreciated

Coverdrone ? No? Dont think he needs to join any club (don’t get the fpv thing - the zoom isn’t fpv or am I missing something here?

Didn’t think he was talking 3rd party cover I thought it was the actual drone … :thinking:

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That was me guessing, no more.

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The guy is a Chinese student and I have now found out Insurance wise you have to be a UK resident for 6 months with a permanent address to get any insurance cover
Hobbyist wise I am with Eversure for drone and bits and Flock commercially and of course FPV Membership
Nether would take this guy on
But thanks for responses