Help me with giving a cost estimate


The company that I work for has won a job with estate agents and work are wanting to know how much to charge them for me to get photos and videos, any thoughts?


How long is a piece of string… A tad vague.

Photos and videos of what?
Time spent on said jobs
Time spent on editing
Area in which you are filming can have an impact.

Do you have some more details to go on?

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OK its photos of commercial property and the address is: 60-62 Clapham Road SW9

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I think if you take all the above and possibly more into consideration, and give your self an hourly figure that your happy with.

It’s not really something we can advise looking at it from the outside.

I personally would judge it on what’s involved and how much time it’s going to take and what the client looks like they can afford.

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Judging by this

As well as sold prices nearby

I’d go with my bog standard £1000 a day as a starter

Haha, estate agents, I’ve been approached by them several times, they won’t pay more than about £30. Tight as a fishes …

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Digital spoiled them, they were paying nearly double that in the late 80’s for a set of sticky back prints :wink:

Consider what the commercial hourly rate is for each of the skillsets required, pilot, photographer, editor, publisher.
(Probably some average combination, but don’t price yourself out of the job.)

Remember the time you need to research and obtain the necessary permissions to fly in that zone (particularly if over 250g).

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Don’t forget to factor in the cost of commercial drone insurance too :wink:

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Start at £100 or £150 for 5 images and add £50 per set of 5 extra. Residential estate agents won’t want to spend more than £100 but commercial agents might.

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It comes across to me that if the company that you work for has won a job with estate agents then the prices and charges for any drone work in that contract would have already been agreed?!

Is this a one off job or going to be a number of jobs when required?If the former then it probably costs of setting up will probably significantly outweigh what the agents willl be willing to pay. If the latter, then quote a price per half and full days for you as the drone pilot plus price for any spotters/observers required (given it is in a built up area).

Also, are you going to be processing the photos or just sending or handing over the files? If so, remember to include any time to process the images plus the cost of a memory card or sticj.

no sorry theyre doing a proposal for them