Help needed before i purchase FatShark HD3

Hello all,

New here,and appologise if this is not the right place have a Query I hope someone can help with

I’m not into racing drones, but have a phantom 4 and use for Arial video, and looking for a headset, I have tried the DJI goggles but the FOV was 85 and hurting my eyes, but I need some goggles for my work
I’m looking at the Fat Shark HD3,Dominator V3 etc., I’ve heard these are real good and the FOV is not to big, but I don’t want to have to buy some online the get them and if there no good for me I’ve got to go sending back again

I’m hoping someone can help me with finding somewhere I can see a pair, try them on to see if I can see them ok?

I know it’s a long shot but can anyone help on here

I live in Denton Manchester and don’t mid traveling to have a look at some, Dominator V3 HD3, HDO etc. any of the above

Thanks in advance


Hi @dylanbatt74 and welcome to Grey Arrows :smiley:

Another North West member joins our ranks :+1:

I can’t help I’m afraid, but we’ve a good few members who are kinda addicted to this kinda stuff :wink:

I’m sure someone will be along soon mate!

i use the epson bt-300 moverio glasses. absolutly love them and the fov isnt to big plus you can see through so you dont lose your vlos. i havent tried any other headsets so not going to make comparisoms with others but i bought them specifically for my MP an found them to be fantastic so far:grin:

Did you try zooming in and out to change the screen size, including adjusting the IPD?