Help needed with flickering video


Hi guys .
Take a look at this shoot . Can you help me the best setting to get rid of the flicker that you can see in the vid .
Mavic Pro 1 . Never had this trouble with the Phantom Advanced .


At what res/fps did you record?


This was 4k at 25fps
Iso 100.
Shutter at 50 .ND filter .
Tried it a3 2.7k and not much better .


Yup - and you’ve rendered at 30fps … it has to invent those extra 5 frames every second by repeating every 5th frame, and that gives you that twitchiness.

Also - you’ve rendered at 1920x960 … which is one strange, and definition losing, resolution. Should be 1920x1080.



Its not the twitch it’s the flicker i am getting . I get it more noticeble when it’s close in on trees or grass .


I have to say I don’t see a flicker. At what time point are you seeing that?


Look at 2:21 when it’s panning up over the wall . The trees are flickering bad .


Also at 2:57 .


Not visible on laptop, but it is discernible if I cast it to my TV.

Is it apparent in the unedited video?


Same on the vid before editing .
If i am doing high shoots it never shows up .
As you can see in the opening shots over the village .


This could be some kind of moiré effect of the fine detail clashing with the sensor grid as it crosses it.

Other than that I don’t have any suggestions.


You are absolutely correct . I have just viewed it back on Mac book and no flicker .
So it must be my TV that is creating this flicker .
Thanks for jumping my brain in gear .
I have been scratching my head for ages over this matter .

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Knowledge and ideas are for sharing. :+1:


Thanks .
New monitor needed .

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Expensive solution. LOL!


I have a spare 38inch so will give that a try . Or it could just be my TV settings


Well - at least you now know that it’s not the Mavic. :partying_face:


Well bugger me .
I have just turned the sharpness down on the monitor and bingo … Well i never .
I will also take your advice on the frame rate and rendering .


Even cheaper! 50% of the money saved on a new TV can be donated to my PayPal account. :wink:


Champion .
Advice is a lot more expensive than it used to be . lol