Help please iFlight and Archer

I bought ages ago iFlight Nazgul5 V2 FPV Quadcopter with a Frsky X9 Lite 2.4Ghz Transmitter w/ Archer RS Rx -

I’ve paired my Transmitter with the Archer and have manage to get the red and green lights flashing alternately, however going into betaflight the receiver isn’t recognised so I’m stuck.

I’ve soldered the pads onto pads but I’m guessing I’ve got the tx and rx in the wrong place on either the controller or Archer. I’ve got them soldered to tx4 rx4 but the Archer positions confused the heck out of me.

Any help would be greatly received


Welcome to the club mate. Tagging in the Frsky wizard @Earwig

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Sorry, saw this late last night and then completely forgot about it today.

My FrSky experience is entirely with the XM+ so I’m not sure how much help I’ll be.

It sounds like you’ve actually got the transmitter bound to the receiver, and that’s usually the hardest part.

If you’re not getting any response on the controller page of beta flight, that would suggest there’s something amis in the ports configuration, and/or the protocol selection.

If you’re connected to TX4/RX4, then you should be looking at UART4 in the ports.

Going back a step, remember when wiring up, TX->RX & RX->TX

If you’re still stuck, post some pictures of your connections and BF settings.

I’ve got a picture of my board, will get a screen shot of the BF setting as soon as I can.

Ps the soldering looks like I used a heated chisel as its a few years since I’ve soldered to a decent standard.

I think you may have the yellow and white wires crossed. I think the SBUS OUT (SO) should go to the RX, and the S.Port to the TX.

Although, as I said, I’ve not come across one of these before and I’m still not much the wiser after reading the Archer manual.


Heres the manual for the Archer RS receiver. Looks like the rx is registered but not yet bound

ARCHER RS-Manual.pdf (460.3 KB)

Also might want to double check your connections as Jez said

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