Help what licence do I need to fly a Mavic Pro 2 zoom

Can anyone tell me i have my normal caa licence do i need anything else i sm not up with the laws i have a dji mavic pro 2 zoom

Have a look here.
Plenty of info on here and tinternet.

Catch up before you fly, then you know you’re correct if ever challenged.

You need an Operator ID from CAA, which you display on your drone. I think it’s £10 per year.

You also need to have passed the CAA test to get a Flyer ID, this is free, and does not need to be displayed on your drone.

Have a check of the Good 2 Go page above to check if any flight you have in mind is okay.

Thanks very much i have the license now. is it wise to have insurance i am not commercial or use my pictures on social media if yes can you recommend

Look at FPVUK membership which comes with public liability insurance

It will also give you OA16 flying which will give you a bit more freedom

Great thanks again i get so much from this site :+1:

Us too! :+1: