Help with flight record from India

Hi All

DJIFlightRecord_2020-04-20_[11-20-04].txt (934.5 KB)

Could anyone have a look at the attached flight record for me, it is from a friend in India flying a Phantom 4 Pro, I have had a look at it on AirData and Phantomhelp. From what I can make out there was a constant decent from about 350ft at 8min 25sec into the flight until it crashed at 38.4ft 9min 11sec at the end of the flight record. The height at the beginning of the flight was 0ft so I think he may have been watching the height, but then crashed on the top of a building, I don’t think he was in sight of the drone. He had virtually a full decent input from 8min 25sec until it crash landed. The compass error at the end is I guess cos it was so low to a concrete flat roof full of steel bar.

I would be grateful if any of you can confirm my interpretation and/or add any further insight.

Thanks Phil