Hengistbury Head and Mudeford Sandbank

Very new to flying a drone , checked out on Drone Scene that it was ok to fly here as Hengistbury Head itself is SSSI.


Should have mentioned, the beach huts at Mudeford are ridiculously expensive, £300k upwards to nearly half a million. No electricity, only toilet blocks for ablutions. Plus the weather is typically British :laughing:. What a crazy world :earth_africa:

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Hi Terry,

Nice shots here.

I’m local and have flown on Mudeford once before, I hope to fly there more.

The SSSI information enables us to appreciate and respect the key areas of consideration when we fly in these delicate environments. I’m learning all the time, one flight at a time!


Hi Louis
Thanks for your comments. I’m very new to this but must say I am really enjoying flying my Potensic Atom. The information on hand via the various apps such ads Drone Scene and the like is superb. Still not sure though how this actual GADC site works, ie how to post things, it was a complete fluke getting these two on :laughing:.
Meet up if you want at some point ., I’m retired so my availability shouldn’t be an issue.
Best regards Terry