Here's a discovery! ... in relation to Mavic stitched 360° Panoramas


When you use the DJI Go4 app to save your stitched panorama to your gallery (Android - don’t know for iOS), it does do just that.

However … it’s not actually the one that the app already stitched together, but a far more compressed version.

Overall, it’s created 3 versions by the time it’s added one to the gallery.

  1. Firstly, in … /DJI/dji.go.v4/CACHE_IMAGE/panoramaxxxresult/panorama.jpg

  2. Then a version to … /DJI/dji.go.v4/DJI Albumpanorama_nnn.jpg

  3. Then, when you ask it to save to your gallery, a version in … /Pictures/nnn.jpg

(where “xxx” = a 31 character alpha-numeric string, and “nnn” = a 31 character numeric string. I’ve no idea what these strings actually relate to. Not date/time or anything.)

But - whilst they are ALL 4096x2048, (1) and (2) are around 2MB, those in (3) are around 500KB.

Goodness knows why they make that modification … but goodness knows why DJI do many things that they do.

So - android users - you now know where to look for the best version.

File locations/names for other panos are the same, but this file size difference doesn’t seem to occur with the other panorama types that I have on my phone.

(Perhaps someone would check what happens on iOS?)


What a great find!!

Did you stumble upon this? Or were you on a quest to find that higher-res version already?


It was a search for better quality panos to post here/other places when travelling, without relying on the laptop.

I was looking at Pano Stitching apps for android, so that I could use the images on the MP card to get that … and then, searching through the hundreds of similar pics on the phone’s gallery when, I realised there were 3 copies of every stitched panorama already on the phone … and I thought “Three?” … “Why THREE??”

Now I have found an android pano stitcher app that seems to do a good job (I need good weather to get some new panos with better detail straight down … not “running rivers”, “muddy rugby pitches” or “5-a-side pitch surface” LOL!) … I’m searching for an image editor to add in “sky” above where the MP gets to , and to make the image a 2:1.
It’s a never ending quest! LOL!


Do you know perchance of how to find the highest rez version on an iPad?


Sorry - can’t help on that one.
I can still get better 360s by using Microsoft’s ICE on the individual images from the SDCard.
If I really want to go the extra mile, I’ll process all the RAW images (each with the same changes) and save as low compression jpg/png and take those into ICE.
ICE doesn’t accept RAW as such … if you try it just uses the very low res jpg thumbnails.
There are other stitchers that will take RAW, but none are free that I’ve found so far.


Indeed … since you’re on iOS, I’d tend to go with Hanger 360. All the results from that seem to be far superior.
It’s the one thing that might tempt me to “my” Dark Side. :wink: