Hero Session 4

I’ve just built my first drone around an iFlight XL7 V4 frame and I’m looking to attach my GoPro Hero Session 4 to it. Obviously I’m new to this but most of the 3D printed holders seem to point up at 30 degrees which puzzles me as I would like to point at the ground? Don’t intend to use it FPV but would like to film views. Any suggestions for a Hero Session 4 mount?

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Cross @notveryprettyboy hand with silver and I’m sure he’ll design you one
He’s brill at that :+1::+1::grinning:


They point up 30 degrees so that when you pitch forward to fly forward the camera is then level. If you didn’t have the up tilt then your camera would just be pointing at the floor while you’re flying forward.

I use this one on my Nazgul5 V2 with a Runcam 5 orange.

Draw something what you want and I’ll have a bash at designing it for you. :+1:

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